What is Minario?

Minario is a gold and mineral management model based on information and transparency. Minario promotes investment, trading and mining development through the compliance of due dilligence and traceability.

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Minario is a data service that allows miners and traders to organize, trace and monitor the entire supply chain of precious metals and other minerals. Minario is built to provide transparency and visibility to all activities in the chain.

Our Services

We support building clean gold supply chains

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Public sector managing with Minario

Government agencies are empowered with our management model as it facilitates the coordination and monitoring of the precious metals and minerals trading ecosystem. From our platform, all activity records are securely collected so good fiscal practices are implemented and socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious operations promoted.

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Private supply chains

More buyers are actively in search of legal, traceable, clean gold and minerals, from their origin. Minario supports the building of a clean gold supply chain, allowing the stakeholders to reach a sustainable business under superior financial conditions.

Become a Minario Partner and start building your clean gold supply chain.

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Sub-formalize with Minario

Minario facilitates the stage to make possible artisanal and sub-formalized miners incorporated in a private supply chain. Our private stakeholders could benefit from increased production of mined products avoiding intensive capital investments and our small-scale miners could benefit from the best mining practices promoted by the private sector and government.

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