What is Minario (MNR)

Mining is a service platform that aims to guarantee the traceability of gold and precious metals extracted from the artisanal mining sectors in developing countries.

As the world’s demand for minerals and gold increases, so do the regulations for sustainable mining. Minario enables traceability in supply chains of gold, precious metals and strategic minerals for global supply.

Who are the founders of MINARIO?

Minario was founded by Ignacio Moreno Crespin, a technology specialist with 24 years of developing business solutions, who serves as CEO. Ignacio started in the technology industry since he was 19 years old and in 2017 he started with a powerful solution to establish online mineral supply chains

Together with a group of entrepreneurs that came from the oil industry, they built the framework to do due diligence and traceability of minerals in different conditions and suppliers.

What makes Minario unique?

Minario has positioned itself as the conducive environment to connect the demand for gold, metals, prices, and minerals with suppliers worldwide, while the platform collects information on compliance with due diligence and commercial and environmental measures from stakeholders. Minario is expected to be the platform with which to support European regulations for the purchase of minerals in producing countries that have increased from 2021

Likewise, Minario is positioned as a key actor to support the transparent and traceable commercialization of at least 15 of the strategic metals for the production of sustainable energies from 2022 to 2060

How many MINARIO coins (MNR) are expected to be in circulation?

MINARIO has a total supply projection of just over 100 billion tokens, and at the time of this article’s publication, around 71.6 billion of these tokens were in circulation.

When a token sale be held in 2022, MNR 15.75 billion will be allocated to private investors, while participants in the initial coin offering will earn a further 40 billion. The MINARIO Foundation will recieve 34 billion , and a company owned by Ignacio Moreno will recieve 10 billion.

In total, 45% of the MRN supply will be to the founder and the project itself, while 55% will be distributed to investors. Critics argue that this is a much higher percentage than has been seen with other cryptocurrency projects.

How is the Minario network secured?

Minario uses a consensus mechanism known as proof of stake.